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MVR3ECD Medium Long Range Sensor (Outdoor version)
  • Effective measuring range: 0.3-30 meters
  • Small size: 31mm*16mm*24mm, easy to install, easy to integrate
  • Anti-sunlight >80Klux, suitable for harsh outdoor sunlight scenes
  • Light weight: ≤7g, suitable for scenarios with strict load requirements
  • Easy to operate: Set distance threshold control IO High and low level (TTL)
  • Customizable: LED, Vcsel light source, different range distance, different communication interface

MVR3ECD is a cost-effective ranging module of MoeVision Ranger 3 series. It adopts TOF(time-of-flight Time of Flight) technology, 940nm light source, and unique optical, electronic and structural design. High speed ranging from 0.3 to 30 meters can be achieved (indoor and outdoor).

The MVR3ECD provides two UART serial port output data formats: HEX and ASCII. The range module can obtain accurate distance information in different environments through rigorous temperature, ambient light and linear compensation.



✓ Measuring distance 0.3~30 meters

✓ Measuring speed 1~200Hz adjustable *1

✓ Distance threshold can be set to control IO High/Low level (TTL) *2

✓ Small and exquisite: 31x16x24mm, weighing 7g

*1 The maximum measurement speed is related to the exposure time

*2 TTL 3.3V

Recommended application:

⚫ UAV obstacle avoidance and height fixing

⚫ Distance measuring instrument

⚫ Robot obstacle avoidance

⚫ SLAM Create a map

⚫ Security monitoring

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