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  • Range: 0.3-8 m (indoor)
  • Depth accuracy: ±1mm@60cm
  • Resolution/frame rate: 640 x 400 @30fps
  • Effective field of view: 77°(±3°) x 54.7°(±3°)
  • Structure size: 90x 25x 25mm
  • Data format: color map, depth map, point cloud map, color depth fusion map

     iHawk100R module is a 3D camera based on structured light technology solution. The product can be widely used in industrial control, consumer electronics and other fields requiring 3D image application scenarios.

The technical scheme of the product is composed of three parts: optical device, image processing hardware and software. The hardware provides high precision depth maps, full HD color maps, and supports pixel alignment of images. In terms of software, the product has no computing requirements for the back-end platform, all the deep computing is completed in the module, and provides customers with self-developed SDK for the full platform, supporting Android/Windows/Linux, which can meet different customer applications.



✓ Ranging range: 0.3-8 m (indoor)

✓ Depth accuracy: ±1mm@60cm

✓ Depth resolution/frame rate: 640 x 400 @30fps

✓ Color resolution/frame rate: 640x 400@30fps

✓ Power supply: USB 5V

✓ Power consumption/current: 2.5W/220mA

✓ Operating temperature: -10°C~60°C

✓ Firmware function: Firmware upgrade, OTA support, automatic start after the upgrade

Recommended application:

⚫ Mobile robot obstacle avoidance

⚫ Industrial robots do not require sorting

⚫ AGV obstacle avoidance, unmanned forklift obstacle avoidance

⚫ tray identification and positioning

⚫ three-dimensional space modeling

⚫ Attitude recognition and judgment of moving target

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