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XT-S240 Mini pure solid-state Lidar
  • Effective range: 0.3-12m (8m outdoor @100klux)
  • Depth accuracy: 1σ (0.3-3.0m) ≤ 3cm/ 1σ (3.0m-30m) ≤ 1%
  • Resolution/frame rate: 320 x 240 @10fps (equivalent 240 lines)
  • Effective field of view: H106° x V80°
  • Structure size: 68x 68x 45mm
  • Communication mode: Type-C (USB2.0), Ethernet port (TCP/UDP universal 100MBase-T)
  • Power supply mode: 15V-25V (current above 3A)
  • Data format: depth image, 3D point cloud image, confidence map, infrared map

   The XT-S240 Mini is a cost-effective, safe and reliable pure solid-state LiDAR sensor. It can be widely used in many fields including autonomous driving, industrial handling robots, indoor/outdoor service robots, drones, such as AGV, AMR, automatic forklift trucks, drones, cleaning robots, end-to-end delivery robots, intelligent security robots, and automotive blind/Angle lidar applications.

Product highlights:

Pure solid: without any moving mechanical parts, durable and not easy to wear

Ultra-small size: 68mm*68mm*45mm

240 lines: Equivalent to 240 lines, 76,800 pixels/frame

Angular resolution: 0.33°

Strong light resistance: It can work normally under 100kLux sunlight and provide stable point cloud images

Multi-image: can output 3D point cloud, depth map, infrared gray level map, confidence map, etc

Multi-interface: TypeC debugging interface, 100BaseT network port, aviation interface (customized)

Car gauge level: mature silicon-based semiconductor process, reliability, consistency, stability is guaranteed, high integration, simple structure, low failure rate, to meet customer mass needs.






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