About Us

Based on user experience and needs as the starting point, supplying and design products with unique style for you

Company Profile

Focus on 3D machine vision key technology dissemination and promotion

Yunshi (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as: Yunshi) was established in Shanghai, China in 2019. Focus on 3D machine vision key technology dissemination and promotion. Our company based on 3D ToF series sensor chip; Provide customers with 3D ToF solutions; The main applications are automated logistics detection, vehicle assistance/autonomous driving, security and functional home, VR/AR virtual reality, human/object number statistics and status recognition, volume measurement, service robots, AGV, UAV obstacle avoidance navigation and other fields.

Yunshi Technology will strive to integrate our integrated supply chain information, cooperate with a number of domestic light sources, lenses, filters and other related enterprises, open up upstream and downstream resources, deeply cultivate the field of 3D ToF, independent research and development and production, currently mainly covering ToF ranging sensors, solid state lidar, RGBD depth camera and many other series of mass production products.

Company vision

Through technological innovation, with the ultimate cost-effective products and services, promote the large-scale popularization of 3D machine vision applications

Company mission

Harness the power of technology
Create greater value for customers

Company values

Uphold the dream and actively develop
Continue to cooperate and learn

Core advantage

Innovative core technology architecture, high-priced products, rich product lines to meet all kinds of applications, support rapid secondary development of customers, continuous product innovation, cooperation and win-win business model

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