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CS20 solid-state Lidar
  • Range: 0.1-5m (indoor)
  • Depth accuracy: ±3mm@1m
  • Resolution: 640*480/320*240
  • Effective field of view: H160° x V45° (Receiver)
  • Structure size: 48x 34x 12mm
  • average power consumption: 5V, average 0.5A
  • Communication mode: USB 2.0 protocol, Type C Interface
  • Operating system: Win 10, Ubuntu, ROS
  • Data format: depth map, point cloud map, color depth fusion map

CS20 is equipped with a ToF depth sensor with a resolution of 640*480/320*240, using ToF technology to obtain three-dimensional information of objects and Spaces, with excellent performance such as long distance and low power consumption, providing users with convenient and efficient 3D perception.

The product is powered by Type C interface and outputs depth and color image information at the same time, supporting depth and color image registration.

Users can obtain data such as depth, IR, and point cloud through the SDK.



Product features:

• Millimeter measurement accuracy (accuracy in meters SS)

• Typical measuring range: 0.1-5m @90%Ref

• Resolution: 640*480/320*240

• High dynamic measurement range

• Support depth, signal amplitude timing synchronization

• Adjustable range and frame rate

Application scenario:

• Robot SLAM

• Volume measurement

• In vivo testing

• Somatosensory interaction

• 3D modeling

• Security monitoring/head count

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